Lindenwood to potentially have COVID-19 vaccine site for eligible Lindenwood community members


Photo by Pexels

Lindenwood will potentially become a COVID-19 vaccination site for eligible members of the Lindenwood community.

Amanda May, Reporter

Lindenwood may have a COVID-19 vaccination site on campus for Phase 2 eligible Lindenwood community members in the future.  

In a virtual town hall for Lindenwood employees on Jan. 22, 2021, it was announced that Lindenwood University has been in communication with the St. Charles Department of Public Health on the possibility of hosting a Point of Dispensing (POD) on campus where students, faculty, and staff in Phase 2 eligibility can receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  

Phase 2 eligibility includes higher education faculty and staff, disproportionately affected populations, and homeless amongst other sectors. The full list on Phase 2 eligibility can be found on the Missouri COVID Vaccine website.  

According to Julee Mitsler, Director of Communications at Lindenwood, this potential opportunity has been several weeks in the making.  

“At this time, it is likely that Lindenwood will host one, closed pod to serve Phase 2 vaccine distribution,” Mitsler said in an email. “The location, date(s), and times are still in discussion.” 

Registration to receive the vaccine will be required for this opportunity.

“This pod will likely serve those who qualify as part of Phase 2 of the vaccine rollout. Anyone, at any time, can register with the SCCDPH for a vaccination on their website and will be notified when and where they can receive the vaccine,” Mitsler said.

It is undetermined at this time how many Lindenwood community members would need to receive a vaccine for it to be the most effective.  

“Lindenwood encourages all employees and students to speak with their healthcare providers about the best option for them regarding the vaccine,” Mitsler said. 

Mitsler said that Lindenwood will not be offering incentives to those who receive the vaccine.  

“All employees, students, and visitors will continue to follow campus safety protocols regardless of their personal vaccination status,” Mitsler said. “It is important that members of the campus community know that the vaccine will not prevent contraction or carrying of COVID-19, however it does reduce the risk of illness.

“Therefore, all members of the campus community need to continue following our protocols even after they receive a vaccine to help protect others.”