Lindenwood reporting lower COVID-19 cases this semester


Photo by Pexels

Lindenwood is reporting lower COVID-19 numbers this semester.

Alexis Montgomery, Editor-in-Chief

Lindenwood’s COVID-19 cases have significantly decreased the first half of the spring semester, and Lindenwood officials are encouraging students to continue to follow protocols. 

Last semester, Lindenwood reached a high of 58 positive student cases and 14 positive employee cases. In November, a rave alert was sent to students warning of a “drastic increase” of COVID-19 cases. 

This semester has proved different, with a high of 21 positive student cases so far. 

Julee Mitsler, director of communications for Lindenwood, said in an email that the university is pleased to see the lower number of cases on campus this semester. 

It’s a testament to the commitment by our students and employees in following the protocols, and everyone doing their part to protect one another,” Mitsler said.

Statistics provided by Lindenwood University.

Mitsler said that the goal has always been to keep student cases low. If the trend continues to decline, there may be more opportunities for events and engagement in the future. 

We had over 500 events in InvolveU for the fall semester, and more than half offered an in-person component so there’s a lot going on,” Mitsler said. “And, we’re always looking for new, safe ways to expand our offerings.”

Cynthia Schroeder, current dean of the School of Health Sciences, said in an email it’s pure speculation at this point as to why the COVID-19 numbers are significantly different. 

We are thrilled the numbers are lower and hope that the continued safety protocols are helping to keep infection low,” Schroeder said. “It remains important for anyone to report if they’re experiencing symptoms, have been exposed, or are undergoing COVID testing to help keep others safe.”

Schroeder said the university hopes students will continue to follow safety protocols and get vaccinated as soon as it’s available to them. 

“If the community vaccination percentages continue to increase, fall may look more ‘normal’,” Schroeder said. “Due to the new variants, the spring semester will continue to follow all of the mitigating strategies currently in place.”

Recently, there’s been an increase of new California and United Kingdom COVID-19 variants arriving in Missouri. It’s unclear at this time how likely they are to arrive at Lindenwood.

Mitsler said Lindenwood is encouraging anyone who is demonstrating symptoms, has been exposed, or is undergoing testing to complete the Initial Assessment Survey