Lindenwood freshman releases single about pre-COVID times


Finnegan Steward released his debut single “Lemonade & Ice Cream” about the times before COVID-19. Photo from Stewart.

Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

Lindenwood freshman student Finnegan Stewart released his debut single on Friday, April 9.  

“Lemonade & Ice Cream” will help listeners forget about hard times, struggles, and challenges occurring in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stewart says this song is meant to distract listeners from outside world problems and make them think of happier times.  

The young singer has always had a passion for music. Stewart shares that songwriting makes him feel better.

“A lot of times I write songs when something in my life is bothering me, or something challenging is going on, and making music helps me cope with and overcome my problems,” Stewart said in an email. “The special meaning of the song to me was a recollection of previous carefree summers, and looking forward with the hope of great times to come.” 

“Lemonade & Ice Cream” can be enjoyed by all ages, but high school and college students are the ones who can resonate with it the most.

“We had a lot of normal experiences stolen from us,” Stewart said. “For me, my prom was canceled, my graduation ceremony got messed up, and most of my freshman orientations were held online instead of in person.”  

Stewart and his team of mixing and mastering engineers worked hard on producing the song and mastering it. The song is now available on all music platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, and many other online music stores.  

All of the information, upcoming songs, and shows can be found on his Instagram page.