Students frustrated with long waits at Spellmann, Starbucks


Photo by Jessica Spivey

On the Grubhub app, both Chick Fil A and Qdoba show wait times of over an hour. Photo taken on Wednesday, Sept. 1 during dinner hours at Spellman.

Eva Laurens, Reporter

It has been one week since Lindenwood welcomed all of its students on campus. 

Going from one class to another for some students, or going to practice for others, can be tiring and is making lunch time one of the most awaited times of the day. 

When hundreds of students have their lunch break at the same time, the lines are longer than expected and some days, they are too long to get food before the next class. 

A poll taken on Instagram showed that 51 percent of the Lindenwood students claim to be using Grubhub everyday. None of them were satisfied with the time it takes to get their food. 

“Inconvenient” and “ridiculous” are two words that these students frequently used to describe the long Grubhub wait lines they have gone through so far this year. It has also been noticed that sometimes the time is not accurate, which has created a lot of confusion among the students.

“I wish they were better staffed. I bet they are so stressed,” student Veronica Gross said. 

These restaurants being understaffed is something that a lot of students and workers have been noticing. Those who work at the food places in Spellmann and at Starbucks are often overwhelmed with all the orders they get, especially during the rush hours.

“It’s just hard when we have orders from Grubhub and the cafe as well because it makes more orders to take care of,” Starbucks employee Xavier Matamoros said. 

Sophomore Mckayla Brauer is another student experiencing trouble getting food on campus. Brauer said that one possible solution to these issues is students who are in need of work getting involved. 

“Many people here are looking for a job on campus, so maybe applying there could be an option to help reduce these long wait lines,” Brauer said.