International students finding ways to be more involved


Photo by Hadel Abdelkarim

Freshman Daniela Escala stands outside of the LARC on the campus of Lindenwood University.

Hadel Abdelkarim, Reporter

Many international students have found it difficult to be socially active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, however, some students have found a way to be more active and get back into some of the norms.

Daniela Escala is a first-year student at Lindenwood University from Panama. She has been trying to be more involved this year since COVID-19 started.

“I’ve been trying to keep myself active by going to the gym and lifting some light weights and also by doing some cardio running around the campus,” Escala said.

Escala was not able to run around many places last year because many were closed due to COVID-19. However, this year she was able to do almost everything she wanted to as long as she was wearing a mask.

“Overall, last year was difficult in so many ways but I’m glad that we have the opportunity to put everything back on track little by little,” Escala said.

Ana Cristina Tavarez, who is from the Dominican Republic, is another first-year college student at Lindenwood. She has also been more active this year since coming here. She has gone to events on campus, games, and joined some clubs on campus.

Freshman Ana Cristina Tavarez is in her first year at Lindenwood, coming from the Dominican Republic. (Photo by Hadel Abdelkarim)

“In-person Christian youth group meetings and Bible study, spending more time outside, orientation week, went to the fireside and movie night,” Tavarez said.

“Join clubs, in-person learning, go to games, meeting new people.”

Even though there are still restrictions going on due to COVID-19, Lindenwood University still provides many opportunities for the students to get involved. Tavarez says she would like to try out and join the dance team next year.