Top five coffee places around campus


Picasso’s Coffee Shop logo Photo courtesy of Sanami Iwasaki

Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

Fall is here, which means people are starting to switch from cold iced drinks to warm tea and coffee beverages.
Coffee places are best for spending time with friends, studying, or enjoying a peaceful evening by yourself. Coffee houses are known to be popular among college students for their atmosphere of peace and comfort which helps people focus and relax.
Here are top five coffee places that are 10 or less minutes driving from campus for coffee lovers and those new to the area:
1. Picasso’s Coffee
This coffee house is one of the most popular places for Lindenwood students. It has a great variety of food, coffee, and tea beverages, and is located on Main Street, the heart of Saint Charles. It takes around five minutes driving, and 10-15 minutes walking to get to this great place.
2. Crooked Tree Coffee House
This coffee house is well-known for its name, location, history, and of course, delicious coffee. Crooked Tree also offers a full breakfast and lunch menu, and is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for those who like to start their day with a cup of coffee. Most importantly, it’s only five minutes away from campus.
3. Peace Love Coffee Vegan Cafe & Market
Here, everything that is served is 100 percent vegan. Peace Love Coffee Vegan Cafe & Market serves the freshest plant-based treats and meals. It also has an open patio that overlooks the historic cobblestone streets of Saint Charles.
4. UpShot Coffee Brake Shop
This coffee shop is fairly new, as it opened in July of 2020. UpShot Coffee Brake Shop is vegetarian and vegan friendly, it’s offering a great variety of coffee and espresso beverages as well as many healthy lunch options.
5. Course Coffee Roasters
This coffee place is a secret that a lot of people like to keep. Located only 10 minutes from campus, this coffee place is filled with great coffee, a cozy atmosphere, and a comfortable environment that just feels right.