Who is the Black Student Union at Lindenwood? [Video]


Photo by Christopher Rogers

Lindenwood’s Black Student Union during a meeting in the Spellmann Center.

Christopher Rogers, Reporter

There are many places that students can find themselves getting involved on Lindenwood’s campus.

One of those options meets Tuesday nights in the Spellmann Center.

“The Black Student Union is a safe place, a safe organization for all students of course, right. All students at Lindenwood to become an inclusive environment, somewhere where they feel where they’re invited, they’re welcome,” BSU president Joseph Oliverires said, “They’re not going to be judged but more so black students here at Lindenwood, right, the name says it all, the Black Student Union.”

The meetings at BSU are not simply formal interactions, they are more like a social gathering of friends.

“I think of us more as a family, our meetings, the way we structure them. We want keep it nice and fun for everyone that comes back,” BSU treasurer Romon Logan said.

“The atmosphere in the meetings is pretty, pretty chill, pretty chill vibe. Everybody’s on one accord. No, you know, criticism or anything. Everybody’s sharing opinions,” member Josh Robinson said.

BSU typically meets every Tuesday in room 4105 of the Spellmann Center at 6 p.m. The meetings address some topics that are difficult to discuss and some topics that are just interesting. The goal is to reach an understanding of what it means to be a black student on Lindenwood’s campus and a black student in life.

“A lot of campuses, especially PWIs [predominantly white institutions], you start to realize that there’s a lot of segregation that happens between the student body. And I don’t want to see that here at Lindenwood,” Oliverires said. “So, my goal is to keep that from happening here at Lindenwood, that my overall goal. To really unify just not black people, but all people.”

The group doesn’t stop at having meetings, they also like to get involved on campus and act on the unity that the president talks about.

“My favorite moment, like I said, the lip-sync competition. The rehearsals were pretty funny. I was able to meet new people, real cool people. Got a little, got a to know a little bit about some people,” Robinson said.

Visit Lindenwood’s website or follow the Lindenwood Black Student Union Instagram page to find out how to get involved with the organization.