University Diner: The new LU hot spot


A day at the Diner

Reem Abdalazem | Lindenlink Reporter

The newly opened University Diner is currently the talk of St. Charles County.  Such a useful place, students, families and older people are attracted to check it out at 504 Droste Rd., just off West Clay near the southwest edge of campus.


The diner is a combination of an Arabic atmosphere, an International vibe and an American menu. They have an  open hookah bar that is run by mostly Moroccan and Jordan servers, serving more than 10 different hookah tobacco flavors. Their menu is purely American consisting of skillets, salads, sandwiches, omelets, pizzas and pastas.

Also offered are breakfast combos that taste fairly similar to IHOP’s kitchen since the manager opened a close franchise in Illinois a couple of years ago. Breakfast is served all day any time, and the restaurant is open for 24 hours 5 days a week. For weekends, they open 6 a.m. to midnight, appropriate enough for students to spend some time to free their minds from school.


The restaurant also runs open mic nights where live music from different artists around the area perform from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on certain days. They have a facebook page that offers all one needs to know about the place. They also have free WIFI that makes the place even better.

The manager, Mr. Nasser, said that his restaurant “has been a success so far; a variety of people come in, all different ages that the restaurant was not even targeting. It feels great when in only 4 months, I already have regular customers in here.”

On  Mother’s day, they offered a special deal for all mothers to have a free meal.  Lots of mums came in that day filling their bellies with great food that tasted even better free.

Kids are even luckier than those mums. They get free meals per adult meal Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Coffee, being many people’s favorite, is great! It is brewed from two different kinds of coffee beans, all the way from Egypt, and of course the American coffee.

It is definitely a place that is thriving gradually and gathering a lot of people around the same tables. The workers are super friendly and fast to your service. Not to forget, the location of this place is incredible. Just at the southwest edge of campus, it is automatically an LU hot spot near the women’s housing.

Students ages 18 to 24 are the most frequent visitors to the Diner, and an age group the manager has successfully targeted. To add a smile to many students’ faces, the Diner offers guests to bring their own alcohol; we all know that Lindenwood is a dry campus and is very strict about this policy. And so the diner is a perfect, close getaway to enjoy some drinks with your friends somewhere other than the bars at Main Street at midnight.

The University Diner has great quality, great taste and a really good price as well.  It is certainly becoming “the new spot.”