Fellowship of Christian Athletes officially recognized as a student organization


Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been approved to make its way on campus after a recent Lindenwood Student Government meeting. Photo provided by Faith Hamel

Mallary Vasquez, Reporter

The Lindenwood Student body has officially welcomed Fellowship of Christian Athletes as an official organization at the Lindenwood Student Government meeting last Monday.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, known as FCA, was voted to become an official club at Lindenwood by attendees to the bi-weekly meeting on Oct. 25.

The organization is for any Christian denomination. It can be found in high schools and colleges across the country. This has allowed students from a wide range of age groups to get involved in the club.

“FCA at Lindenwood is a place where athletes can find fellowship for like minded believers in their faith. We relate the word of God back to life as an athlete and beyond,” FCA’s Chairperson Faith Hamel said. “We share a short sermon at each meeting from the Bible that is highly relatable to life in college, especially for student athletes.”

FCA has many chapters across the countries in both university and high school settings. The organization is meant to provide student-athletes an environment to encourage growth and share their faith with fellow students, but has grown to allow membership to all students.

“Everyone is welcome to come, not just athletes. We will be having a kickoff event that will be announced on the Instagram, @lindenwood_fca, within the next few days,” Hamel said.

Hamel included that meetings will welcome members with music and food, and meetings begin with an icebreaker, followed by a short sermon with relatable concepts, and a reading of requests from their prayer box.

“The meetings will be the same day and time every week, starting in the spring,” Hamel said.

The events are welcoming for all to unplug and reconnect with their faith.

“FCA’s core focuses are food, faith, fellowship, and fun. These factors drive each meeting and event we plan. FCA has been a place where athletes look forward to unplugging and connecting with their faith,” Hamel said. “Whether you just come for the food, to be with friends, or to grow your faith, we are beyond happy you joined us.”

All students interested in FCA are invited to join. Anyone wanting to get involved can visit the organization’s page on Lindenwood’s Presence Page, which is found on the campus website under Involve U.