Lindenwood student releases her first album


Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

Lindenwood freshman student Chiedza Muchena is releasing her debut album on Friday, Nov. 19.
Muchena is an international student from Zimbabwe, majoring in Music Performance and minoring in Jazz and Contemporary music.
The “La musique est une façon de ma vie” album, which stands for “music is a way of my life” in French, is the first album to be released by Muchena.
“In general, music is the way of my life, it’s an everyday thing for me,” Muchena said. “When I wake up, I listen to music, I do homework with music, I do everything with music.”
Her interest in music started off as a hobby and a way to spend spare time. Her parents wanted to find an interesting pastime for her and her brother to enjoy on the weekends.
“We just became couch potatoes, just watching TV the whole time so my father said ‘I want to find something for you guys,’” Muchena said.
Muchena was only eight years old when she got her first instrument and started taking guitar lessons.
“Ever since then I’ve grown to love music. I believe it’s a God-given gift that I have and I don’t want to waste it,” Muchena said. “I want to make use of it and somehow change the world and make an impact.”
Muchena has a strong connection with music, and as the years went by, her love and passion for music grew. She’s been composing songs for 10 years and with support and inspiration from friends and family, she decided to share her creations with the world.
“I decided I’m going to do this. I’m going to let people hear me, my vulnerability, and everything,” Muchena said.
Muchena has multiple sources of inspiration such as life experience, emotions, and old-school music.
“A lot of the music that inspired me to write was mostly from the old school type of music,” Muchena said. “My father used to play old school music so that’s where a lot of my music derived from.”

The album “La musique est une façon de ma vie” has songs that were composed from early years of her life until her late teens. In total, it took nine years to compose a full album.
“My first composition was in 4th grade and I finished composing my senior year in high school,” Muchena said.
The whole production process of recording, mixing and mastering lasted for over 10 months. Production requires a lot of work, organization, and, most importantly, patience.
“I had a challenge of being patient,” Muchena said. “I’m a very rigid person and always expect things to go my way and as planned. I had to change the release date three times so that was really challenging for me.”
As an international student living far from home, big moments like these can be challenging. Muchena’s family has remained supportive of her choices, despite the distance and cultural difficulties.
“My mom and my dad really have been my heroes, my number one fans. I’m thanking my parents because they initially allowed me to leave home and, in my culture, music is something that is not looked at as a professional career,” Muchena said. “I’m really grateful that my parents supported me and allowed me to chase my dream and to live my dream.”
The album will be available on all digital platforms on Nov. 19. A listening event will take place on Nov. 18 in J. Scheidegger’s Choir Room for all who want to attend. The doors will open at 8 p.m.