Lindenwood students share their love for coffee; aiming to open coffee business


Photo by Sofiya Melnychuk

Lindenwood students Bianca Sa (left) and Bruna Sa prepare to make coffee in a kitchen. The sisters began learning about coffee when they were 16.

Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

Around 50 percent of Americans drink coffee daily, yet only a small part of them has deep knowledge about their favorite drink.

Lindenwood students Bruna and Bianca Sa are a part of that small percentage. Together, twin sisters shared their story of how their passion for coffee-making started.

“We started to learn about coffee when we were 16 years old,” Bruna Sa said. “It was during that year that our dad opened a small coffee kiosk, and we worked there for about one year before coming to Lindenwood University.”

The Sa’s are constantly improving their skills and learning new coffee-making techniques. The twin sisters also gain hands-on experience through internships and various job opportunities.

In the summer of 2021, the Sa’s had the opportunity to intern at a local “Casa Brazil” coffee house in Austin, Texas, where they practiced creating coffee as well as learning about it from a marketing perspective. The internship played a significant part in the lives of the Sa sisters. Throughout their summer in Texas, their coffee-making skills and knowledge improved greatly. The Sa’s said they learned how to correctly steam milk, take an espresso shot, discovered latte art, and various ways to brew coffee.

“It opened doors for us because we learned how the green coffee comes to the company and then all the process of getting the green coffee, [and] roasting the green coffee,” Bruna Sa said.

After years of practicing and gaining experience, the Sa’s now can be called experts on this topic. Both sisters are truly passionate about coffee-making and gladly share their knowledge with their friends.

“Bianca and Bruna always make the best coffee,” the sisters’ friend Mutsumi Yuki said. “And I love it.”

“The more we worked at a coffee shop, the more we fell in love with it,” Bianca Sa said. “And we just want to keep doing that. We want to work in the industry.”

After graduating from Lindenwood University, the Sa’s plan to keep expanding their possibilities, improving their skills, and possibly opening their own coffee business. They are passionate about sharing their love for coffee with others.