LindenGiving partnering with St. Charles for river clean-up project


Mission: Clean Stream’s logo as seen on the St. Charles City website.

Mallary Vasquez

Lindenwood’s community outreach endeavor, LindenGiving, is partnering with St. Charles City for Mission: Clean Stream, with a project taking place on April 2.


LindenGiving Chair Beverly Porter said in a campus-wide email that the project is part of a county-wide project that includes removing litter from river banks and wetlands with the aim to preserve nature. It is led by the City of St. Charles and sponsored by Greenway Network Inc, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and Missouri Stream Clean.


LindenGiving is gathering volunteers to join other volunteers for a clean-up project at the Public Works Facility from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on April 2, weather permitting. LindenGiving plans to provide beverages, breakfast, and T-shirts for volunteers at their check-in time.


“We thought it would just be nice to get a group of Lindenwood volunteers together under the LindenGiving name and go over and help them out at Mission: Clean Stream,” Porter said.


St. Charles City states on their website that Saturday’s initiative on Mission: Clean Stream is joined by City staff and other volunteers. They plan to lead the project down the Missouri River.


Porter said that St. Charles City is organizing and leading the event as they have been putting on the project for several years.


“It’s a fairly simple project, we’re just kind of tagging along with St. Charles Parks and partnering with them and just cleaning up the river so the only thing is to just pray for really good warm, sunny weather,” Porter said.


Volunteers will be picking up litter from river banks and surrounding areas and should wear long pants and sturdy shoes or boots while dressing for the river. Gloves and trash bags will be provided at the event.


“They’re going to be out walking and get some good exercise, they’re going to help clean up and make the river look a lot cleaner. They’re going to get to interact with other people in the local community whether it is with other Lindenwood people or just others that are there too,” Porter said.


“Sign-ups stopped (March 30), but if someone still wanted to come they can still come, they can sign up through Mission Clean Stream directly and go onto the Saint Charles website and do it there,” Porter said.


Porter said that about 45 volunteers from Lindenwood are expected to attend, including faculty, staff, and students. This is the first LindenGiving event that allows for families to bring children as well.


“I think it’s great, it allows them to do something as a family but shows that we can all give back in helping our community, too,” Porter said.


“LindenGiving, what we do is try to do some sort of local event and mainly benefit the Saint Charles community, our community, our neighbors, so we’re trying to find something to do once a quarter,” Porter said. 

The initiative finds and works with different groups for volunteering projects in St. Charles like Mission: Clean Stream.