Lindenwood residency policy extended to two years


Photo by Nao Enomoto

Traditional undergraduates will be required to a two-year policy starting Fall 2022 semester

Ben Kaiser, News Editor

Starting in the fall semester of 2022, Lindenwood’s residency policy will be changed to requiring students to live in university housing for their first two years.

According to the university’s website, there has been research showing first year students residing on campus in residence halls are more successful in their collegiate experience than students who commute to campus.

Starting this fall, students are required to live in university housing if:

  • they are new first-year students, freshmen transfers, international students, and transfer students who have completed fewer than 24 credits hours.
  • they are students affiliated with an athletic team, both NCAA and SLS, including scholarship student-athletes, non-scholarship student-athletes, team managers, etc.
  • they are students receiving scholarships that include residency as a scholarship requirement.

However, there are exceptions for first-year students not affiliated with an athletic team or receiving a scholarship that includes residency as part of their scholarship requirement. To meet those exceptions, those students need to be:

  • residing in the primary residence of their parent(s)/legal guardian(s)/international sponsoring family within a 20-mile radius of the university’s campus.
  • married or parenting.
  • reached the age of 22 before the first day of the term.
  • have not reach the age of 17 on the first day on the term.
  • veterans.

Students can submit appeals to the admissions office if they don’t fit the exceptions. Students granted an appeal may be subject to  an adjustment of the institutional financial aid if the residency status change affects their direct costs.

For questions, contact the Residential Life Office at 636-949-4848 or email [email protected]