Lindenwood student hit by car, transported to hospital


Photo by Sofiya Melnychuk

Lindenwood student Noah Berger was hit by a car at the corner of Jefferson and Kingshighway on Saturday, April 15.

Eva Laurens, News Editor

A Lindenwood student was hit by a car Saturday night and has suffered a traumatic brain injury from the accident. 

On his way back to his dorm, lacrosse player Noah Berger was hit by a car and immediately sent to the hospital.

“It did not happen on campus,” Men’s lacrosse coach James Lange said. “It happened at the corner of Jefferson and Kingshighway, just off campus. I do not believe it was a drunk driver or a student. The driver did stop and call 911 to get help right away.”

Berger is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. 

“He is sedated until the swelling goes down in his brain,” Lange said. 

According to a comment made by his mother on Caring Bridge, Berger might be transferred to Chicago for therapy treatment.

“A nurse is trying to see if we are eligible for moving him to Chicago once he wakes up to have him get therapy treatment from the top doctor in the country based on insurance,” Berger’s mother Denise Berger said. “They want to do an MRI to determine brain damage once he stabilizes but he is reacting very well to stimuli. They will keep him like this for a few more days.”

The Saint Charles Police Department refused to give out information. 

A gofundme was open to raise funds for Berger and his family, and the goal of 50 thousand dollars was reached.