“Afro Friday” to celebrate rich African culture


Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

The Lindenwood community will have a chance to explore the rich culture of the African continent on Friday, April 22.

Residence Hall Association is hosting an “Afro Night” event 7 – 9 p.m. at Evans Dining Hall on Friday. Students and all of the Lindenwood community will be able to celebrate and learn about Africa.

Event organizers Chiedza Muchena, Njabulo Shabangu, and Sihlelelwe (Joy) Dlamini shared about how the event came to life.

“We decided to plant this [event] because we wanted all students to learn more about the African continent,” Muchena said. “People think Africa is this mysterious jungle [and] that we live with animals…It’s an event where we get to learn what Africa truly is.”

Afro Friday is an evening where students get to educate others and explore African identity and go into detail of what has gone into shaping African identity.

“People should come because we’ll have a lot of traditional African cuisine, dancing, and prizes,” Dlamini said.

Afro Friday offers its attendees an interacting and educating program for everyone who comes. Activities such as Kahoot, presentations about different cultures, dancing lessons, national cuisine, performances, and speeches will be at the event. Muchena and Shabangu said this event is for everyone who’s interested in the African culture.

“I think the event is for everybody. More so, I think, [the event is] for Africans because being in an American university you assimilate a lot to American culture, lingo, and American slang. But being around other Africans on campus helps us feel a lot more comfortable,” Shabangu said.” Being in an African leading environment will help other people see what Africans truly are.”

The doors for the event open at 6:30 p.m.