International office moves to a new location


The International Services desk helps students find the new location of the OASIS.

Eva Laurens, News Editor

The International Students Office moved to a different location this semester.

After the announcement about the relocation of the bookstore, the Office of Admissions and Services for International Students (OASIS) had to give up their old spot in Spellmann Center and find another place for the office.

According to Administrative Assistant Elrich Walker, the OASIS is still on the third floor of the Spellmann and is now a part of the Admissions Department.

The OASIS encourages students to stop by the International Services desk that will help them find the new location of the International Students office.

Moving to a different location can be exciting and open some opportunities for everyone.

The new location of the OASIS is still on the third floor of the Spellmann Center.

“I was excited when I first heard about the move because it’s always an opportunity to meet new people in a different location,” Walker said.

Students have mixed opinions when it comes to a decision like that one.

“Some welcomed the change while others hit us with the ‘Again?’,” Walker said. “However, overall most students are to the change that comes from our office so they pretty much expect it.”

International student from France student Maxime Touron said that the office was hard to find due to the lack of information on the new location.

“I wish they would have told us where the OASIS would be before the beginning of the semester because I tried to go to the office a few weeks ago and I had a hard time finding it,” Touron said. “Thankfully I was able to find someone to help me find it.”

A new Designated School Official (DSO) integrated the OASIS after the relocation of the office.

“She is currently still setting up her systems,” Walker said. “However, once she is up and running then our I-20 renewal or signing, social security letters, OPT appointments turnaround time will increase.”

This change will help students with their paperwork or everything related to their education and life on and off campus as an international student.

“We will be able to attend to the students’ needs a lot faster,” Walker said.

The OASIS is not expecting any more changes as of right now, but is open for any potential ideas that could better their services, community, and student body as a whole.