Wentzville’s Grotto Grill run by two sisters with a passion for food and family

Jessica Spivey, Photo Editor

In January of 2019, sisters Cori Breen and Cami Flynn added their own business to their family’s history of restaurant owning and opened The Grotto Grill in Wentzville, Missouri.

When their parents made the decision to retire from their years of working in the restaurant business, Breen and Flynn decided to open a restaurant of their own.

“We were trying to figure out the plan of what our next steps were, and we prayed about it a lot, and God led us to where we are now,” Breen said.

The Grotto Grill offers guests a wide selection of comfort foods on its menu. Some recipes have been passed down through their family, like their grandma’s fettuccine recipe.

Breen says she and Flynn work hard to make guests feel like The Grotto is a safe and welcoming place to enjoy a good meal.

“The biggest thing that Cori and I strive to have here is the environment,” Flynn said. “We want people to know that when they come here, it feels like family.”

For the Grotto sisters, opening their restaurant has been a way to honor their family’s legacy of restaurant owning.

“We really kind of built this from the ground up, you know. Built the building out, new concepts, new food items, all of that. So that was really exciting to work on,” general manager Andrew Colson said.

Flynn says the support they have received from friends, family, and the community has been quite rewarding in their experience as restaurant owners.

“Oh my gosh, the support was, has been, and continues to be overwhelming,” Flynn said. “It’s incredible.”

The Grotto Grill is open for business Tuesday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.