Lindenwood University going digital


Eva Laurens, News Editor

Lindenwood University has been working on going digital since Fall 2021.

The Pride Pass is a Mobile ID that lets students have everything they need on their phone.

However, according to the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Tj Rains, physical Pride Pass cards are not getting removed.

“While we continue to encourage our community to adopt the Pride Pass mobile ID, we still support the printing and distribution of physical Pride Pass cards as an option,” Rains said. “We expect the demand for physical ID cards to decline over time, Lindenwood IT has not set a date for service retirement.”

Getting rid of physical ID cards is not an easy decision as a lot of students prefer to have a physical Pride Pass.

“While unusual, we do have students, faculty, and staff who either do not have a smartphone or just prefer a physical Pride Pass ID card,” Rains said. “This is not a problem as our ID card management system supports both physical and digital card options.”

Junior McKayla Brauer likes the idea of Lindenwood going digital but wants to keep physical ID cards as an option.

“I think they can be a good idea because we will always have them on us,” Brauer said. “ But we still should have the option to have physical IDs.”

If Lindenwood becomes fully digital in the future, there is always going to be an option for students and faculty who do not have a phone.

“Should we decide to go 100% digital in the future, a physical card option will be provided to those who prefer it,” Rains said.

Physical and digital IDs provide the same personalized access to Lindenwood services such as residence hall access or the use of meal plans and dining dollars at all the dining facilities.

“In addition to these core services, I am excited to announce that Lion Dollars can now be used in university vending machines,” Rains said. “Students, faculty, and staff can add Lion Dollars through the eAccounts app or website.”

The digital Pride Pass is not the only new service provided by Lindenwood. MyLindenwood mobile app and website was launched in Aug. 2022.

“MyLindenwood is an app and website that brings together university applications and services to better support the academic, student life, and employee experience,” Rains said.

Faculty and students are encouraged to adopt the Pride Pass mobile ID. For any questions, contact the Lindenwood IT Helpdesk at [email protected] or (636) 255-5100.