Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration in Evans Commons


Mallary Vasquez, Reporter

Lindenwood students will have the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Sept. 29 in Evans Commons as the menu will offer foods from Hispanic cultures at meals.

Alexia Prudencio, the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion for Lindenwood Student Government and an international student at Lindenwood, partnered with Lindenwood’s Dining Service members to host the event.

“The idea comes from Hispanic Heritage Month, which is from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15,” Prudencio said. “It’s just a way to show our culture and certain aspects of who we are that maybe people in the [United States] don’t know about.”

Prudencio said that the event will serve Hispanic breakfast lunch and dinner to students.

“Breakfast is from Honduras, Costa Rica, and Mexico,” Prudencio said. “Then lunch is going to be mainly from Ecuador, Venezuela, and Argentina, and a Bolivian drink. Dinner will be [from] Colombia, Honduras, and a drink, horchata.” 

At the event, students will also have the opportunity to use sticky notes to write their cultures and display it for others to see. Prudencio also said that the event will have decorations and Hispanic music.

“I feel it’s just a way to show people what other things we have in our culture, cause most people don’t know anything more than tacos and margaritas,” Prudencio said. “It’s just a way to show that we have students at Lindenwood that have different cultures but also a way for U.S. students that haven’t traveled to those countries to taste a little bit of who we are.”