Lindenwood alumni share their experience in the broadcast industry


Photo by Josh Calloni

Lindenwood Alumni speak at broadcast panel on Friday, Oct. 21 at J. Scheidegger.

Josh Calloni , Reporter

Lindenwood University hosted a sports broadcaster speaker panel featuring a handful of notable alumni from the university on Friday, Oct. 21.  

The event’s speakers included MLB Network host Greg Amsinger, ESPN101 radio host Randy Karraker, KMOV reporter David Amelotti, Lindenwood Football play-by-play announcer Bob Ramsey, and Glenn Cerny. 

During the hour panel, each guest speaker spoke about their time at Lindenwood, as well as the opportunities that were created for them after their college years. The speakers also answered audience questions. 

At the beginning of the panel, speakers took turns reflecting on their time at Lindenwood University and speaking about how their experience at Lindenwood helped them in broadcasting. While speaking about the numerous opportunities Lindenwood offers for Mass Communication students, Amsinger mentioned the role of experience in his field.  

“Wherever the experience exists, that’s where you should be,” Amsinger said. “No matter what business you are in, you’re always in the human business.” 

After sharing some of their stories from the industry, the panel returned to giving advice on how to be successful in the sports broadcasting field.  The entire panel seemingly agreed upon two major talking points of success, which were to always be kind to those you work with and to never skip on an opportunity to gain valuable experience within the field.  

“Don’t give someone a reason to think badly about you, and everything will work out,” Amelotti said.  

The panel wrapped up with one final idea that it’s important to not take your job too seriously and telling those who plan to have a future within sports broadcasting to enjoy every minute of it. Karraker shared stories from his current and previous jobs, highlighting the importance of that particular point.

At the end of the meeting, the audience was provided with a meet-and-greet opportunity. The event speakers were able to ask questions and learn more about the industry.