Community supports New Melle Baking Company in first year of business

Jessica Spivey, Photo Editor

After growing up baking with her mom in the kitchen, Debbie Urzi has a lifelong passion for baking. 

As a result of her kids encouraging her to open her own bakery, Debbie and her husband Tony Urzi started the New Melle Baking Company in June of 2021.  

“For me, it’s all about community,” Debbie said. “And so, I wanted to do it close to home, this space was available and it’s like, let’s give it a try.” 

At New Melle Baking Company, Debbie still uses some of her family’s old baking recipes that date as far back as the 1800s.  

In addition to pastries and cakes, the bakery also offers guests freshly made lattes and ice cream.  

“My kids have always been kind of my guinea pigs,” Debbie said. “They’re like, ‘oh, that tastes great mom’ or ‘leave that one, don’t do that one again’, and we incorporate those in the bakery, and we tell people those come from family recipes.” 

Debbie first started sharing her passions by baking treats for friends and family. Now, New Melle Baking Company shares her pastries and desserts with the community.  

“I keep coming back because it’s the first bakery we’ve had in the 30 years that I’ve been living here, and their food is absolutely to die for,” frequent customer Rita Langford said.  

Debbie and Tony have lived in the small community of New Melle, Missouri for over 20 years.  

Their bakery is centered around the community, and the people of New Melle have given their support to the bakery in return.  

“We’ve had a lot of customers that have come in and have said ‘this is exactly what we needed,’ having a donut shop, and the bakery, and coffee shop, and ice cream,” Tony said.  

After a successful first year of business, New Melle Baking Company looks forward to the opportunities to grow and expand its business in the years to come.