Lindenwood welcomes rock climbing club


Photo by Jose Obando

Sofiya Melnychuk, Editor-in-Chief

Lindenwood University has recently welcomed a new rock climbing club, where students can improve their physical health, unwind, and meet people. 

Lindenwood Climbing Club was approved by the university at the beginning of the semester. The club’s adviser and Lindenwood’s Coordinator Jose Obando thinks the rock climbing club is an outlet that many students might need. 

“Once you’re doing it [climbing] you think of nothing else,” Obando said. “It is very stimulating physically as well as mentally. For a lot of people, it’s good emotionally [because] they leave their demands, academics, and stressors on campus and they get away.”

One of the responsibilities Obando has at Lindenwood is reading reports written by Public Safety officers. In those reports, he noticed frequent requests for “check the welfare” calls, where family members, friends, or roommates are worried for their friends’ wellbeing.

“I noticed there’s a lot of check the welfare calls [made by] parents, fellow friends are worried because of the stress of them being away from home, studies, and all the academic challenges,” Obando said. “And I thought, when you go climbing, you leave all that behind. It’s a great stress reliever.”

When the Lindenwood Climbing Club was in the working process, Obando had to do a lot of research. After learning that the top climbing team in the country is from Stanford, he reached out to one of their climbing officers there to get some tips. Obando also contacted climbing teams at WashU, Saint Louis University, and Mizzou. 

“[After the research] I also went to the [Climb So Ill] gym, and spoke to the owner, David Chancellor, he said, ‘Jose, this is awesome and we’d love to help you grow your team’,” Obando said. “We put out some fliers, attended Lindenwood organization fair, had an open house.” 

After visiting the Climb So Ill club, hospitality was what Obando liked the most. He said the club is welcoming everyone, including those without a climbing background.  Climbing is something each student can benefit from, especially those who struggle mentally, Obando said.

“I love the community and environment that the club presents,” Lindenwood Climbing Club member Alexander Bodi said. “The club also has a wide variety of skill levels, so no matter where you are in your journey you can find a buddy to climb up with.”

Obando said Lindenwood Climbing Club aims to compete in the St. Louis Intercollegiate competitions, as well as get in touch with other local universities that have climbing teams.

“We have two members who already competed over the summer and two who’d like to compete,” Obando said. “We’re also partnering to have a meet-and-greet with other universities to get together, be social, make friends, and make connections with people.” 

Those interested in joining the Lindenwood Climbing Club can attend the Open House event on Feb. 10 at the Climb So Ill gym. Everyone attending will be required to sign a waiver form prior, which can be accessed here

“This is a perfect opportunity for those folks who need an outlet for their stress,” Obando said.

For more information about the club, contact [email protected].