Lindenwood basketball game goes viral after visiting player swings at fan


Photo by ESPN+

Lindenwood fans point at basketball player Kinyon Hodges (far right) after he swung at one of them.

Eva Laurens, News Editor

A video taken at Lindenwood went viral on social media and got over 3 million views because it showed a basketball player swinging at a fan during a men’s basketball game.

The video, seen here from an ESPN site, was from the Feb. 2 game against Eastern Illinois University.

The incident occurred during the first half when Eastern Illinois guard Kinyon Hodges walked up to a fan, Lindenwood student and football player John Anthony, who was sitting in the front row at Hyland Arena, and swung at his face.

The game was stopped after Anthony backed out of the way. He and a friend pointed at a referee who called a technical foul on Hodges. Hodges was not kicked out of the game. Lindenwood won the contest 80-67.

The video of the incident went viral on social media with 3 million views within several hours, and by early afternoon on Feb. 14 got over 328,000 likes.

Anthony declined to talk about the incident but left a comment under the viral video.

“I got them to swing, he missed and gets a tech, he scores two points, my team blows them out, I win. #LUbetter,” Anthony wrote.

Lindenwood athletic communications manager Blake Bunton declined to talk about the incident as well, but EIU athletic director Tom Michael expressed himself in a statement published on ESPN the following Friday.

“The player in question understands that this is not the type of behavior displayed by our student-athletes or our men’s basketball program and in the heat of the moment let emotions get the best of him,” Michael said. “This will be a learning moment moving forward and we apologize to anyone that may have been adversely impacted by the incident.”

Michael did not say what punishment, if any, was inflicted on Hodges.

“The issue has been addressed with both the player involved for EIU as well as the Ohio Valley Conference with any disciplinary action to be handled internally,” Michael said.

Hodges is a junior from Cape Girardeau Missouri, who scored 2 points in the game. He is averaging 14 points per game this season.