Lindenwood to host gaming study, accepting participants

Bobbie Morrison, Culture Editor

The Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory at Lindenwood University will be hosting a gaming study this semester and is accepting applicants to participate.  

“This study aims to examine the potential benefits of phosphatidylserine on electronic gaming performance, cognitive function, sleep quality, and stress management,” director of Esports Performance and Innovation Center Petey Mumford said. “The objective is to determine whether this substance can enhance gaming performance and positively impact related health outcomes.” 

Before the study begins, participants will be asked for preliminary information.  

“Participants are going to come in and we are going to get baseline [information] like age, height, weight, and body composition,” Mumford said. “From there, we’ll put you through a lot of surveys.” 

Students who meet the eligibility criteria for the study will continue to the supplemental phase of the experiment.  

The gaming study will require three visits to the lab within a six-week period. Participants will take a phosphatidylserine supplement for six weeks and will be given a mid-three-week assessment.  

“The reason why we are doing it for that time is because that specific fat compound takes a while to get integrated into the cell walls of those neurons,” Mumford said.  

Participants will be studied by playing a game that was chosen by the study coordinator. As participants progress in the study, the game will increase in difficulty. 

“The game we are using is Super Smash,” Mumford said. “The reason why we are using this game is because most of the time, this game is played really fast.” 

Participants will play Super Smash for 20 minutes with no breaks during the assessments of this study.  

“We are trying to use the game to evoke a stress response,” Mumford said. “The results of the study may provide valuable insights for gamers looking to improve their performance and overall well-being.” 

Students who wish to participate in the gaming study can determine their eligibility by filling out the pre-screening form, or by emailing the study coordinator, Connor Gaige.