Dean of Education and Human Services to leave Lindenwood


Photo by Hadel Abdelkarim

Lindenwood University’s Dean of the College of Education and Human Services Anthony Scheffler in his office in Roemer Hall. Scheffle plans to leave Lindenwood after the spring 2023 semester to start a new chapter in his life.

Hadel Abdelkarim, Reporter

Anthony Scheffler, dean of the College of Education and Human Services is leaving Lindenwood and has decided to move on to a different path.

Before Scheffler became dean of the College of Education he had worked at different universities and held many positions, from director to provost. However, his first position as dean of an Academic Unit he held here at Lindenwood, and has been a part of the university’s faculty for about five years.

“I was interested before my career ended and having that experience because I think it’s a valuable experience to have,” Scheffler said. “I’ve also never worked at a private university before, all of my previous experiences had been in a public institute.”

Scheffler’s work and the changes he has made have been impactful and will not be forgotten. One of the biggest changes Scheffler made was adding a Doctorate degree program in leadership to the education department. This is one of many things that the Dean has been working on throughout his time.

“We have also signed a number of MOUs [Memoranda of understanding] with educational agencies including most recently with NASA’s Endeavor Project which will make available as a part of our newly configured masters of arts in Education, STEM Pedagogy certificates via courses taught by NASA scientists from major universities around the country,” Scheffler said.

With Scheffler’s experience throughout his time as dean, he can be available to advise the future dean of the College of Education and Human Services.

“Housekeeping is not the same as leading,” Scheffler said. “You can become over-involved with illustrating processes and talking about processes and promising things that are very heavily associated with processes, but the product never seems to emerge.”

As Scheffler moves on to new adventures in his life, one of the things he plans to continue to work more on is the art business that he does on the side such as teapots, vessels, and wall sculptures.

Office Manager Allisa Berryhill has seen many different changes that the dean of Education has done throughout her time working with him such as making all of the Education Department staff and faculty combined into one building.

“He has led and assisted in our CAEP [Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation], and then we have a CSWE, a Social Worker Accreditation as well, but that is one of the biggest changes that I’ve seen make since I’ve been here,” Berryhill said.

Scheffler has left a positive impact on faculty and staff, including Berryhill herself saying that Scheffler is a great leader that helps her when needed.

“I think he has a positive impact on everyone especially me, we’ve done more inclusive events so that we can connect with our students so that he can continue to have a positive impact on them as well,” Berryhill said. “Personally, he’s been a great leader since he’s been here, if I need anything he’ll make sure that I get what I need.”

Although Berryhill feels upset about Scheffler leaving, she said she understands that everyone in life advances to the next adventure.

Provost Bethany Alden-Rivers explained the process of looking for a new dean for the College of Education and Human Services.

“We initiated a national search for a new dean of the College of Education and Human Services. The search involves a rigorous, multi-step process and is led by our Human Resources team,” Alden-Rivers said.

Alden-Rivers said that Lindenwood has been lucky to have Scheffler’s leadership for the last five years.

The article was edited to clarify several points, including Scheffler’s work to develop the doctorate degree program in leadership. 

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