$86,000 in shooting equipment stolen

$86,000 in shooting equipment stolen

Aeriel NiccumContributing Writer | The Legacy

Featured photo by Morgan Craft

Published 11/26/2013 – 8:00 A.M.

Nearly $87,000 of shooting equipment has been stolen from a storage unit used by LU shotgun sport team members.

According to an article published on the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch website, a semi-automatic rifle, hand gun, and shotgun as well as seven over-under shotguns were stolen from the privately rented unit on the 1500 block of Old Highway 94.

According to the police blotter from Saint Charles Police Department, ammunition, five hard gun cases, three soft gun cases, a rifle scope and several other pieces of equipment such as chokes, stocks, shooting glasses and earplugs were also stolen.

According to the article, the students who rented the unit are preparing for the 2016 Olympics and needed better access to their guns. Other members of the team practice only a few times a week and keep their shooting equipment in a locked facility on campus.
The Public Storage unit was the only unit broken into and seems to have been targeted specifically, according to the article.

Anyone with information regarding the stolen property is asked to contact Detective Tim Hancock at 636-949-3344.

The victims have gathered a $5,000 reward for information which leads to the retrieval of the stolen equipment, according to the article.

According to St. Charles public relations officer Eric Lawrenz, the investigation is ongoing and there are no new updates.

According to Dean of Students Terry Russell, LU is offering assistance to investigating officers.

“As this was a theft of personal property from LU students renting a private storage facility off main campus, the university is not responsible and therefore does not intend to offer any other assistance besides granting information to the investigating officers as needed,” Russell said.

Head coach Shawn Dulohery, victims junior Nick Boerboon and junior Morgan Craft, LU’s director of public relations Scott Queen and the Public Storage manager declined to comment.

Shooting team director of operations Steve Wolk could not be reached for comment.