Vendor offers affordable rent options for text


Branden Swyers |  Staff Reporter

With the spring semester now in full swing, students will be out getting books for their classes. Many avenues exist where students can get their books, but by far the most popular is the Book-X-Change store located across the street from campus.

Book-X-Change has been the official campus book store since July, 2011.  “I am pretty open and Lindenwood is also open. Many of our employees also go to school there,” said Book-X-Change owner Rick Duree. “It’s just been continually good communication.”

Duree said Book-X-Change prices are in line with competition. Taking that into account, students must look at factors such as convenience and speed. Book-X-Change also provides extra incentives for shopping like accepting vouchers and hosting free barbeques for the students.  Duree said he wanted to cater to the student’s needs when he set up Book-X-Change.

“I was looking for an opportunity to make money, and when I saw the school didn’t sell used books, it just made sense,” Duree said.

Students now have the added advantage of being able to rent as well as buy books. According to Duree, students are also able to see the books before they buy them, which is not an option with sites such as Amazon.

Junior and physical education major Ryan Fenton said, “I have considered buying the books online because they are cheaper, but I decided not to because it’s easy to get the wrong book or get a used book that is damaged.

About 40 percent of the Book-X-Change’s business is book rentals. The advantage of renting books is that there is no hassle in the return. If the book edition changes, the student does not run the risk of getting nothing back for the book.

“It aggravates me because the books are so expensive, and if the store won’t buy them back, it’s a loss,” Fenton said.

Buying books has its advantages as well though. If a student tears the book up, then they already own the book, and they will not have to pay an extra fee. According to Duree, other advantages of buying the books are if a student plans on keeping the book or using it for more than one semester, it is theirs to keep.