Words from The Legacy’s Editor-in-Chief


Natasha Sakovich | Editor in Chief

Last semester brought about many changes to The Legacy like the increased paper size from 8 pages to 12 pages, the use of more photos and graphics and the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I am pleased to say that these new additions became regular staples of our content delivery to our readers, as we strive to bring you the best and biggest variety of stories.

This semester will be no different. Our staff is committed to making this semester one of our best yet, and our top priority is still to bring our readers accurate and informative content that they want to see.

I love to see new story ideas and “letters to the editor” come in through our email system, and I hope the volume of these will continue to increase. Our goal is to bring the student body stories that they want to hear about, and the only way we can do this is to hear from our readers directly.

Please keep the ideas and comments flowing our way through [email protected]
With this being the last semester of my collegiate career, I hope to continue to increase our reader base and make the newspaper the best it has ever been.

We are a newspaper put together by the students that is made for the students, and as such, we strive to bring to light the issues and concerns that are the most important to the student body.

The Legacy also aims to provide coverage of the latest entertainment and sports events going on at Lindenwood and in the surrounding St. Charles area.

For this semester, we as a staff have some great content planned, including the highlight of the changes around Lindenwood during the past five years of James Evans’ tenure as President as well as some in depth reporting pieces.

To keep up with these stories and more, stay plugged in with what is going on around campus by picking up The Legacy or visiting our social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you!