Synchro swim team prepares for opening meet

Synchronized Swimming

Mikayla Francese| Legacy Co-Entertainment Editor

The Lady Lions synchronized swimming team will make its 2012 season debut at the St. Peters Rec-Plex this weekend, Jan. 28, by showing rivals the results of the swimmers’ advanced training as they go against prime competition, the University of the Incarnate Word.

The team plans to show off the results of their hard work that started in September by creating new goals and a new plan.

“Our water training has become more intense along with our land training,” said co-captain Clarissa Johnston. “We have been doing much more cardio on land, which includes a new form of exercise called cross-fit.”

Cross-fit is a way to train endurance on land by performing various exercises such as lunges, squats, push-ups, and running for a fast, short period of time.

“I can really feel a difference in the water,” said sophomore Julia Burkelo. “I feel stronger and more efficient.”

Graduate Assistant for Human Performance Brett Hubbard participates in cross-fit competitions and trains the women on land.

“It’s a privilege to work with a group of girls who dedicate every moment they can to their sport, Hubbard said. “Whether it is training with me in the gym or practicing routines in and out of the water, they live to swim.”

The team has been motivated by new goals while they practice their new endurance training.

“This year, we hope to place third overall at Nationals,” Johnston said. “Last year, our goal was fourth and we missed it by half a point, so now we are going right ahead for third.”

Along with the different land training, new additions to the team were brought in.

This season is also the first time the team has had seniors.

“It’s great that we are in our fourth year as a team and we now have girls who can lead and know what to expect for the training and competitions,” said head coach Lori Eaton. “I’m very proud of them and their dedication to this team because they helped start it four years ago.”

The team will then travel to various universities such as Canisius College, Stanford University, and Ohio State University until they compete at their final meet, Collegiate Nationals, March 14-18 in Gainsville, FL.

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