Architectural Attractions

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Brett McMillan | Staff Reporter
Posted May 21, 2014;5:11 p.m.

St. Louis and the surrounding area is full of amazing architectural designs that have been a signature part of this areas culture for hundreds of years. Here are some that you can visit.

*Union Station Hyatt and The Whispering Arch

The Hyatt dates back more than 100 years. It is a part of St. Louis’ Union Station which was once the hub of what was then the nation’s fourth largest city. Union Station is now a mall in the heart of downtown St. Louis.

The whispering arch stretches from one side of the hotel’s entryway to the other. If someone stands facing the wall on one side and whispers into the arch, a person on the other side of the arch can clearly hear the message.


*Jewel Box

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.A building still standing from the World’s Fair events is the Jewel Box in Forest Park. A large green house, today the Jewel Box is host to several weddings a year and is a frequently visited spot by tourists.