Exciting things to do in St. Louis


Sandro Perrino | Staff Reporter
Posted July 15, 2014; 9:35 a.m.

Looking for something fun to do around the St. Louis area? Check out these places.

1. Six Flags St. Louis

Whether you like the thrill and adrenaline of a roller-coaster or just want have some fun with your friends doing something unique, Six Flags is the right place for you. The dozens of attractions are great and vary from a mild, low speed to a high, intense trip.

Some of the best thrill rides are BATMAN the ride (MAX speed 60 mph), Boss (MAX speed 65mph), Superman Tower of Power (Free Fall), MR. FREEZE Reverse Blast (0 to 70mph in 3.8 sec.), the Ninja (55mph) and many more.

Six Flags also offers Hurricane Harbor, a water park with all kinds of exciting attractions.

Location: 4900 Six Flags St Louis Railroad, Eureka MO 63069.

2. St. Louis ZOO 

This is just the right place to visit with family or friends if you love animals.  St. Louis Zoo is great for seeing animals you wouldn’t normally see in day-to-day life.

Discover the beauty of the wild nature at St. Louis Zoo.


3. The Gateway Arch

Experience altitude like never before at the top of the Arch. Travel 630 feet in the air to see awesome views of St. Louis; even Busch Stadium is easily seen at the top of the Arch.