Race to be King trumps weather


Photo by Kelby Lorenz The runners were able to take a breath and enjoy the completion of the race during the awards ceremony.

Scarlett Lirely | Reporting Student
From Print [Oct. 14, 2014]
| Legacy

The weather on Saturday morning may have been chilly and gray, but the participants in Homecoming’s annual “5K Race To Be King” were excited and ready to run.

The 42 runners began arriving at 7:30 a.m., were checked in and given their participant packages by senior exercise science secretary, Tyler Stahlman. 1995 graduate John Runion and his brother-in-law, Jason Ciaravino, were among the many runners stretching before the race. About the weather, Runion said, “It’s warmer than last year; it was in the 40s.”

At 8:30 a.m. behind Roemer, the runners began their trek across campus to the 50 yd. line inside Hunter Stadium. Almost as quickly as it began, the runners made their way inside the stadium, crossing the finish line.

2007 graduate Lisa Lewis-Cary and LU junior Nic Hamilton were the first male and female to finish this year’s race, each winning a $100 cash prize and a medal. Lewis-Cary and another LU graduate are currently training for the Olympic trials. When asked how she was going to spend her $100, Lewis-Cary said, “I am taking myself out for a really nice dinner.” Hamilton said, “I placed second in last year’s race, so it felt good to win this time.” After asking what he plans to do with his prize money, Hamilton paused for a moment and said, “Maybe I’ll take a girl out on a nice date.”