Sculpture showcases trash


Aeriel Niccum | Assistant News Editor

October 22, 2014; 12:45 p.m.

photo by Aeriel Niccum The sculpture was erected outside the third floor entrance to the Spellmann Center.

More than nine bags of trash were collected and turned into a sculpture Sunday evening in a joint effort to raise awareness of LU’s need to go green.

Members of the Interfraternity Council and Art History club gathered behind Guffey Hall then dispersed to collect trash across campus before meeting at the Spellmann Center to construct their sculpture.

According to IFC’s vice president of judicial affairs, Zac Farmer, the goal was to make a statement concerning a need for more recycling units and better care of the campus.

The sculpture may also aid the Lindenwood Student Government Association in seeking a $60,000 grant for recycling equipment.

“[The university] needs to keep up with modern day technology,” said junior and project manager Sam Rudloff. “We’re hoping to get tri-trashcans (trashcans for paper, plastic, and glass) and recycling dumpsters with the grant.”

Sophomore Tyler Hoeferlin picked up trash from the historic side of campus and Harmon Hall, finding items such as a wooden frame, water bottles, crates and trash from Grab ‘n’ Go, among other items.

“It felt nice to pick up the trash, but the fact that it’s everywhere, well, you don’t realize how trashy people can be,” said Hoeferlin. “I hope the sculpture raises awareness. Best case scenario is that littering becomes a thing of the past. Worst case, well, Lindenwood forces us to take [the sculpture] down and everyone keeps littering.”

The sculpture has three sides, each devoted to an aspect of recycling. Construction took more than an hour and did not use the entirety of the trash collected. The sculpture is anticipated to remain outside the Spellmann Center until Friday, Oct. 24.


photo by Aeriel Niccum From left: Bryan Nemec, Matt Ream, Zac Farmer, Lagan LaRue, Eva Heinermann and Liz Bergmann collected trash that was used to create the sculpture.