LU Offers Ways to get Involved


Mariah Stewart | Contributing Reporter





Too many students are waiting until their senior year to participate in hands-on experience.  Lindenwood is one of a handful of schools that offer its students a chance to write for an official newspaper, work at a television studio and go on-air at a live radio station.

Communications students say working at LUTV has benefitted them in many different ways.  Communications student Steve Kornfeld has never been on a sports team before. However, working for LUTV has been a great group experience for him. Kornfeld mentioned how everyone there is team-oriented and helpful to one another.

Every semester, the Dean of Communications, Mike Wall, speaks with incoming communication majors. Wall usually tells the new students about participating in academic activities outside of class. He feels that students need to get their hands dirty because going to class alone will not give students the Lindenwood edge.

I recommend that students become familiar in all aspects of their studies, including the practical side. Employers are looking for well-rounded talent and that is exactly what Lindenwood is trying to tell students.

LU students have the valuable opportunity to build their skills and become more marketable for future employers. Therefore, students should get involved. Don’t let semesters pass by without challenging yourself to different learning areas.