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He Said

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By Branden Swyers

Every girl or guy goes through a time in their life when they wonder if a particular person of the opposite sex likes them. Oftentimes, guys have an odd way of showing that they like a girl. Of course, everyone has different personalities, so not every guy will do the same thing.

One sure thing about the majority of guys is the fact that most of us are not nice to girls. Why guys act this way toward girls is beyond me. A guy could be completely rude to a girl and that is his way of showing that he actually likes her.

When a guy excessively pokes fun at a girl, that probably means he has some interest. I think this happens most when a guy is nervous and thinks he might not actually have a chance. Instead of telling a girl how he feels and risking rejection, he will play off his attraction by being rude.

Being rude is one of the most common ways that guys try to show girls that they are interested. That is probably the reason girls have the notion that all guys are mean. This approach makes it harder for guys to show girls that they like them. Girls may think that a nice guy is just being sarcastic when they are truthful with them about their attraction.

If guys just took the genuine approach to letting a girl know their attraction, I think they would find things might go smoother for them. I was up front and genuine with my current girlfriend and it worked out well for me. We have been together for over two years now. I am not saying that the rude approach guys take will always be unsuccessful. Give the genuine nice guy approach a try. I think girls and guys alike would be happier if more people used this approach.


She Said

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By Kilian Walsh

College is the time to experience new things for most of us. We meet tons of new people and are away from home. One thing in particular that we get a chance to do is date.

In order to date though, you have to show interest in a person. One way that girls show their interest in a guy is by flirting. Flirting can come in many forms because it is done by a wide variety of people. What I would do to flirt would be to compliment a guy right off the bat. It always seems to boost their confidence. You could say that you like their shirt or that you think they listen to cool music. Guys always like it when you think their “cool.”

The next thing girls do to show that they like a guy is to text them. Although I believe that the guy should always text the girl first, sometimes the guy is shy (or clueless) and needs the girl to really let him know what’s up. A simple “Hey” text will show the guy that the girl is interested enough to send a text message.

Since some guys are really clueless, the girl might have to take it a little bit farther by talking herself up. Some girls say that they are so busy or that they are talking to a certain guy to make this particular guys interested. Guys always want what other guys want.

After that, if the guy still does not realize that the girl likes them, there really is only one last thing to do: tell people. If you tell your friend, she’ll tell her friends and pretty soon, it will get back to the guy. College kids are complete gossipers after all.