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Tony Forcelledo | Reporter
July 8, 2016; 11:00 a.m.


Lindenwood is nearing the quarter-finals of its first-ever sports poll for the top sports moment of the 2015-16 school year.

Student-athletes, coaches and fans are being asked to determine what the top moment was among the NCAA-sponsored sports. Thirty-two moments were selected and placed in one of four eight-moment brackets

“The idea started out within the GA’s (general assistant’s) of each team wanting to pick a particular moment from each NCAA team and have a tournament to see what the best moment was,” said Blake Bunton from the Sports Information Center.

The polls and matchups each week are sent out via Facebook and Twitter so anyone wishing to vote must follow them there. As well as follow progress to see how the results pan out each week.

Those moments that have qualified for the quarter finals thus far are: Gymnastics UAG national title, Harris breaks MIAA tackles record, Hensley’s Olympic season, Alexander records perfect 10 on floor, women’s basketball sets school record with 111 points, Degner drills walk-off homerun versus Emporia and Wilbourn goes 25-0 for National Title.

Voting for the final match-up begins Friday between Men’s Swimming and Diving placing second at NCAA Championships and Men’s Lacrosse upsetting Mercyhurst.




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