Senior makes early-season impact on men’s soccer team


Stefan Andric’s (No. 21) two goals lifted Lindenwood to a 3-1 win over Ouachita Baptist University on Sept. 15.
Photo by Lindenwood Athletics

KYLE RHINE| Reporter

Senior Stefan Andric scored two goals in the 3-1 win over Ouachita Baptist University last week, and that ended the three-game losing streak for the Lions.

“I will never be able to score two goals if I didn’t have my teammates,” Andric said. “I will just put those two goals on teammates’ names. I would not be able to score those goals and we would not be able to win.”

Those two goals were the first goals on the season for Andric, giving him five points on the season. In Andric’s four-year career, he has seven goals and four assists for the Lions according to Lindenwood Athletics.

Andric is from Raska, Serbia, and he talked about how soccer is played differently over there compared to here.

“In the United States, we are playing more fitness and using less tactical movements, and in Serbia, they are using less fitness and running less, but they are using more movements and tactics,” he said.

Andric also mentioned that the popularity of the sport could have a lot to do with the differences in play, with soccer being the No. 1 sport in Serbia, whereas in the United States, soccer isn’t the most popular sport.

The support of Andric’s family has been influential to his success on and off the field.

“They supported me to come here, they provided me all the necessary things so I can be able to practice and study,” Andric said.

Sports is a major part of the Andric family as Andric and his brother both play soccer. But as for the rest, handball is their favorite.

After last year’s success, the Lions finished at top of the table in the MIAA, and Andric believes the team can improve from last season.

“We are looking to repeat our success from last season to win the regionals and then to get qualified for the NCAA championship,” he said.