New club for recreation majors is approved


Applications to be a Lindenwood Student Government senator are now open on InvolveU.


At Wednesday’s Lindenwood Student Government meeting in Dunseth Auditorium, funding requests and other announcements occurred, as well as the admission of a new student organization.

  • Students of Leisure and Recreation, also known as SOLAR, was approved by the general assembly. Sam Jeffery, the group’s president, said SOLAR’s purpose is to provide volunteer opportunities to students in the field of tourism and recreation management while also raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
  • The Meditation Association and InterCultural Experience were given a total of $200 of general funds to facilitate a group of Tibetan monks’ Oct. 13 visit to campus.
  • LSG vice president Posy Durr announced Why Wednesdays, a social-media campaign which will feature photos of “why” members are apart of their student organizations.  She urged people to send photos to [email protected]