Voters at the Clayton Community Center mark ballots

Photo by Andrew Ebers
Clayton voting.

Photo by Andrew Ebers Clayton voting.

Andrew Ebers| Lindenlink Health and Fitness Editor

On the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 6 in Clayton, Mo., voting started at 8 a.m. at the Clayton Community Center. The ballot consisted of a number of different propositions, including the state’s candidates for Senate: current Senator Claire McCaskill and Republican nominee Todd Akin.  According to the poll workers, the turnout at the Clayton center location was as high as ever.

Missouri’s Senate race has been a hot topic in politics due to comments Akin made about rape. In August, the former Congressman stated, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Even though these comments cause blowback from both medical experts and voters, Akin still had voters backing him in Clayton.

“I voted for Todd Akin, because I know he is a person of integrity,” said Mel Pinkert. “I regret what he stated. However, I do believe he is the best and deserves to serve on our Senate.”

Voters still have found that Akin’s earlier comments have hurt his campaign.

“I voted for Todd Akin, because I think we need a strong Republican candidate,” said Michelle Kyle. “I think his remarks have affected his campaign. I debated pretty hard on whether to vote for him or not.”

Party affiliation played a role in Akin getting a strong backing from a few voters in St. Louis County. “I voted for Todd Akin because I vote Republican,” said Edgar Eller.

McCaskill also had a strong backing from supporters. Of the 15 people interviewed, a little over half backed McCaskill. Voters had a variety of reasons to vote for the incumbent Senator, including the outrage caused by Akin’s remarks on rape. “The man is off the wall,” said Joyce Rosen.

Photo by Andrew Ebers
Clayton voting.

McCaskill voters also found their candidate to be the smarter choice for office, due to her performance in debates and her success as a senator.

“I’ve been very happy with her performance in the Senate. I like that she is a moderate. She has been a good representative,” said Lucy Hoblitzelle. “I feel like her opponent’s attitudes and belief systems are outdated, and I couldn’t respect him as a representative.”

“I voted for Claire McCaskill,” said Susan Block. “She is a sensational senator. She is a fighter. She is smart and she really cares about people.“