Student-Athlete Spotlight


Photo Illustration by Jack Lohkamp

ANDREW HONERKAMP | online editor 

Anne Reed

Sport: Rugby

Age: 21 

Birthplace: Pennsauken, New Jersey 

Year in School: Senior 

Major: Human Resources 

Q: How long have you been playing sports competitively?

A: “I have been playing sports competitively for 16 years.”

Q: What was your greatest moment in your sports career so far?

A: “My greatest achievement thus far would have to be playing in Division I Elite Championships.”

Junior women’s rugby player Anne Reed.
Photo courtesy Lindenwood Athletics

Q: What are your game-day routines/superstitions?

A: “I listen to my music and really try and focus on the game before I play. I’m also pretty superstitious about what sports bra I wear for the game.”

Q: What is your sports fantasy?

A: “My fantasy would be to play for [team] USA.”

Q: Who is your favorite athlete?

A: “Growing up I always really looked up to the softball player Jenny Finch.”