Step Outside The Lines


Kelli Reichert | Lindenlink Staff

While searching on MSN for a topic to write about, I came across a fascinating article about a girl in a boy’s world. To sum it up, a nine-year-old girl from Utah has been dominating the football field in an all boy’s league.

This little girl is out there doing something she loves even though it is probably frowned upon by many people in her community. Some might blame her parents for allowing her to play in such an aggressive sport. Others might think she’s crazy for wanting to play in a predominately male activity. But despite what others may think, this little girl is doing what she wants.

Call me crazy, but this girl is setting an example for people of all ages. Just because something may seem challenging at first, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Should you stop doing something you love just because others may judge you? Or better yet, should you stop doing what you love because you don’t fit in with someone’s ideal standards?

Why not step outside the lines? Take a look at what else there is. Not sure how to do this? In college, you have so many electives, general education classes, and classes for your major. Take a random class that isn’t even within your degree. You may be surprised of how much you actually like that class and maybe you’ll consider double majoring or possibly completely switching majors. The best part is, no one will judge you because they’ll value your courage and ambition to broaden your horizons.

Like the little girl from Salt Lake City, don’t let someone stand in your way of pursuing your dreams. Not only does the girl play in an all boy’s league, she is the star player! So believe in yourself, have a little faith and remember, the only person you have to completely satisfy is yourself.