Student-Athlete spotlight


Photo Illustration by Jack Lohkamp


Becky Roberts

Sport: Soccer

Birthplace: Jefferson City, Missouri

Year In School: Senior

Major: Biology

Q: How long have you been playing sports competitively?

A: “I’ve been playing competitive sports since I was 9.”

Q: What is the greatest moment of your sports career so far?

A: “The greatest moment in my sports career was getting to play internationally in Costa Rica last summer.”

Senior forward Becky Roberts
Photo courtesy Lindenwood Athletics

Q: What are your gameday routines/superstitions?

A: “I always put my shinguards, socks, and shoes on in a particular order.”

Q: What is your sports fantasy?

A: “My sports fantasy would be getting to watch the World Cup one day.”

Q: Who is your favorite athlete?

A: “My favorite athlete is Carli Lloyd, [the U.S.] women’s national team captain.”