A Harsh Reality

Talia Scatliff | Relationship Editor

Sometimes you are meant to fall in love or lust, but not be with someone. It hurts but it’s the reality of our lives and relationships. I love those stories about high school sweethearts that end up getting married. Everyone we date has something special that we learn from based on our experience with him or her, sometimes we don’t realize how special they are to us until later and sometimes we just know to just take away what we learn from the experience.

Know this

  1. You are not the only one going through heartbreak when your heart breaks. Many of us go through it.
  2. If you know what you did wrong in a relationship then are you in one of the best positions because then you can change it or work on it for the next one. Some people cannot or will not ever comprehend what they did wrong.
  3. Some people are fighters and some are not and if there is only one fighting either in or for a relationship then it’s probably not ever going to work out.
  4. There is a big difference between love and lust.
  5. Everyone in life is fighting some kind of personal battle, whether it is his or her anxiety, self-image, depression, doubts or fears.
  6. Out of anger and frustration people can sometimes say things they do not mean.

How to fix a broken relationship (that both parties are willing to fix)

Give it time. Time is everything and all we can really count on. Have faith. Read my post on hope.Remember to smile; no one can fall for someone again that frowns. Communicate carefully. Take one another seriously when needed. Laugh together. Take time. Take time. Take time. Give it your best.

Final words

  1. If you’re giving your all to someone, and its not enough, then you’re giving it to the wrong one
  2. Your brain hides it feelings, but your heart knows the truth.
  3. Don’t take what you can’t give and don’t give what you might regret.
  4.  Before it gets better, it always gets worse first.
  5. The moment you stop fighting for what you believe in is the moment when you stop believing in yourself.