Worth Your Time or a Waste?

Jonathan Holden | Lindenlink Reporter

When I was told to check out the website CollegeHumor, I wasn’t too enthused that I was chosen to do this story. All my life I have heard about websites like this and I just never got into reading about it. I would think some of the stuff is clever and would appreciate it but actually laughing was something harder to come by.

The more I read CollegeHumor though, the more I could not control my laughter in public places.

The satirical fashion on which it is set up is just absolutely priceless. Although I don’t read things for pure entertainment, it provided me with comic relief especially when reading #twidiots. This column in essences proved my personal point that in reality, people are incredibly stupid.

The videos I stumbled upon were nothing more than spectacular in my opinion. The pranks are my personal favorite; watching amateur videos of people pulling pranks that I would never think of (or would be way too scared to even attempt) was something I believe my mom could enjoy.  Not to mention, if I was the victim of such pranks, I’d probably need a new pair of underwear.

My personal favorite was just a simple picture. It asked if I’m an alcoholic and if I answered yes there was a number for an alcohol delivery service. The only depressing thing about that is I believe (some) college kids would actually take the phone number seriously and call to place an order.

All in all I believe it’s a great website. Some of it seemed kind of dumb at first glance. I came to find out  a lot of it makes fun of dumb things in our world. Everything from making fun of Ben Affleck’s Oscar accepting speech, to idiots who have a fetish for house cat YouTube videos. I highly recommend it and ashamed as I am to say it, I’ll definitely be on it more often.