Want to join the Lindenlink team? We’re hiring.


Photo by Matt Hampton

Have you ever read a story at Lindenlink or watched a video and thought about working for us? Well this semester we are looking for a student to join our staff.  All majors are welcome, and good writing skills are a must.  This is a 15 hour per week paid student worker position.

About Us:

What is Lindenlink?

Lindenlink.com is a student-run news website that uses multiple forms of media/storytelling to keep readers informed of campus and community news. We offer a free weekly newsletter, which notifies subscribers of our top stories.

The Lindenlink Mission:

We help link the Lindenwood community to the world around it. We create honest and engaging stories, and we serve as a resource to help develop students professional skills.

We operate on the motto that facts matter, voices matter and stories matter.

Job Description:

We’re looking for someone with integrity who can be relied on to meet deadlines, who has good leadership and management skills, and who is independent, outgoing, proactive, and able to come up with creative ideas for content.  Our reporters should be good at analyzing and communicating information.  If you have experience with social media, photography, video, podcasting and/or other multimedia production, that is a bonus.

Working for Lindenlink is an opportunity for career development. It allows you to build leadership skills and a portfolio of published work. The student staff of Lindenlink is responsible for producing content both on the website and for Link magazine and for planning how to grow and improve the publication.

Contact our adviser, Neil Ralston at [email protected] or our Editor-in-Chief, Kayla Drake at [email protected] if interested.