How should students plan for spring registration?


Photo by Matt Hampton

Students register for next semester’s classes on the student portal.

Claire Beaudry, Reporter

Registration for spring 2020 classes will start Friday, and the SASS office has advice for students who are meeting with advisers about next semester.

Dr. Christie Rodgers, associate vice president for Student and Academic Support Services, encouraged students to use their degree planning sheets, which are available on Canvas, to plan their classes for their four years at Lindenwood.  She said the degree sheet is the most up-to-date way to keep track of your classes.

Rodgers also said students should have a list of classes ready that they want to take or discuss before meeting with their advisers.

“We talk during orientation about a student expectation and what they can expect of their adviser, but also what their adviser’s going to expect of them,” Rodgers said.

Spring registration for active honors students and online students starts Oct. 25; for seniors, Oct. 28; for juniors, Oct. 29; for sophomores, Oct. 31 and for freshmen, Nov. 1.

Seniors must apply for spring graduation by Feb. 1, 2020.