Lindenwood adds food trucks as new dining option for fall semester


Photo by Mia Tebbe

Cha Cha Chow food truck located on the heritage side of campus on the road next to the pavilion.

Mia Tebbe, Social Media Editor

Lindenwood has provided food trucks to university faculty, staff, and students twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, during lunch hours for the fall semester.

The idea to have food trucks on campus as a dining option came from President John R. Porter, in an effort to elevate high trafficked dining areas.

Student placing their order with the Cha Cha Chow food truck. (Mia Tebbe)

“Understanding the importance for our students to engage and spend time with each other, hosting food trucks on campus as part of our meal offerings this fall has allowed students to enjoy local food options in a safe and fun way,” President Porter said in an email.

The food trucks are located on the heritage side of campus, on the road next to the pavilion.

“We kind of knew that there was nothing on the heritage side of campus,” said Nancy Tinker, director of dining services. “So, we thought, you know, we don’t have a location down there, a food truck made a lot of sense.”

To get their food, students must check in with the food catering employee that is stationed next to the food truck.

Lindenwood catering employee, Jimmy Essex, writing down student’s names and ID numbers, before he gives them their ticket. (Mia Tebbe)

Students must present their student ID’s to Jimmy Essex where he will then write down the name and number and give students a ticket.

Students will wait in line and then present their ticket to individuals working in the food truck to place their order.

“It’s not the usual cafeteria food. So, when it comes Monday and Wednesday, I’m like yes food truck and I don’t miss them, you’ll always see me there,” senior Laura Castro said.

Tinker said, dining services aims to have a different food truck each time to provide variety to students and only hosts St. Charles licensed food trucks with current health permits.

The food trucks are an additional expense to the university but are paid for in advance based on an estimated number of meals dining services thinks they will sell.

“Food trucks receive payment based on the number of meals they provide. So we have to give them a number in advance. Hopefully we guess well,” Tinker said.

Students waiting in line to have their name taken down and to place their order for Homestyle Grill BBQ on the heritage side of campus. (Mia Tebbe)

Tinker said dining services are planning to continue the food trucks though the middle of October. But there are factors that play into this decision such as weather and how well received this option is by students.

Castro said the university should continue the option of food trucks through the end of the semester.

“One hundred percent they should. The only thing that kind of worries me is the cold weather coming. They have to find a way to make it still work. It is something that is different.”

Currently students and faculty can find out which food trucks are on campus through the LU Dining services Instagram account.

Some of the food trucks that have been to campus include Lions Choice, Cha Cha Chow, Sedara, Wayno’s Mobil International and Homestyle Grill BBQ.