Mia Tebbe

Mia Tebbe, Social Media Editor

Mia Tebbe is our social media editor and a reporter. This is her second year with Lindenlink. She is majoring in Advertising, Public Relations: Corporate communications. Mia is a student manager for the Lindenwood women’s lacrosse team and is very involved within the Lindenwood community. Mia interacts with our readers on all of our social media platforms by sharing stories and news relevant to the Lindenwood community, while adding her own informative and engaging touch. Mia is outgoing and loves interacting with others, she especially loves connecting people with news and information. If you see her on campus feel free to say hello! She hopes to pursue a career in Public Relations after completing her MBA in 2022. Mia is a Kansas City Missouri native but has a love for nature and hopes to move Northwest to the mountains after finishing college.

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