Recent Events on Campus Scream Depression


Mariah Stewart | Lindenlink Contributor

Posted across Lindenwood’s campus are signs telling students where to go if they need counseling. The past three weeks on Lindenwood’s campus have been filled with one negative event after another. First, students experienced the loss of freshman, Michael Black.

Black of Colorado Springs, Colo., committed suicide on Wednesday, April 17, by jumping from his dorm room’s window. His death stirred the Lindenwood atmosphere into mourning and defeat. The memory of Michael Black was fresh in student’s minds when news of an alleged sexual assault happened on campus.

A rave alert email sent to students on Sunday, April 28, let students know that St. Charles Police were investigating a report of sexual assault on the 1000 block of Powell. Although the alleged sexual assault had students chattering, more attention was brought to Lindenwood’s campus by 38-year-old Lori L. Knight. Knight is accused of calling in a fake bomb threat to Lindenwood’s campus on Wednesday, May 1.

Since these three events have happened Lindenwood student’s emails have been bombarded with messages telling students to seek counseling if they are in need. The end of the school year tends to get tough on students. Stress builds up because of finals, students are anxious for summer, and many people are worried about what kind of grades they might receive for the semester.

The recent events that happened on campus are a reminder of just how tough college can be on a student. According to an article by Therese J. Borchard on psych central’s website, “44 percent of American college students reported feeling symptoms of depression.”

If your stressed about school or feeling down in the dumps, you need to talk with someone. Do not let your unhappiness turn into something worse, like the people involved in recent incidents on campus. If you or someone you know needs help call the Student Counseling Services at 636-949-4528.