Lindenwood to stick with new college system plan


Lindenwood’s 2019-20 catalog will be undergoing some degree program changes.
Photo by Matt Hampton

Dominic Hoscher, Sports Editor

Despite the turnover in the provost position, Lindenwood isn’t changing its plans for its new academic college system. 

According to interim provost Bethany Alden-Rivers, the plan is to remain on course with the previously set plans. 

“We continue to move forward with the transition from six academic colleges to four academic colleges as planned,” Alden-Rivers said in an email. 

When these plans were announced in early February, former provost Mark Arant had been serving in the role. That was before his departure from the university near the end of March, which led to Alden-Rivers taking over.

She said she’s confident that the move into the new system will be a smooth one.

“This transition relies on the partnership of faculty and staff from across campus,” Alden-Rivers said. “We know our Lindenwood community is deeply committed to student success and to the pursuit of academic excellence. Therefore, I am confident that the transition will execute smoothly and will only improve the experiences for our students.”

Alden-Rivers views multiple positives coming from the changes, including more options to learn for students.

“This transition presents many opportunities and advantages,” Alden-Rivers said. “For example, two benefits are clearer avenues for like-minded faculty to collaborate, and increased cross-curricular learning for our students.”

The transition will go into effect starting on July 1, 2021.